We consider ourselves experts at converting business problems to technical solutions using our Canfigure platform. Using our extensive experience, we can leverage what we have built to construct new solutions with minimal new development. This often consists of taking components from existing Canfigure modules to build a new module. But where necessary we will also develop new components that ultimately enhance the underlying product. And in most cases this has been achieved from the other side of the globe from the client with remote workshop sessions and rapid prototype development.

Examples of custom module development

Development of the Canfigure Test and Validation module for the automotive industry to aid in vehicle test management.

Development of a DEVOPS release management module for facilitating test and deployment of complex applications across environment.

Development of a manufacturing module to replace a legacy system, for the life-cycle management of atmospheric sensor equipment that is installed in aircraft.

Talk to us about how Canfigure could be tailored to address your business problem, when you can’t find an off-the-shelf product that is flexible enough to do what you need.