Change Management Module

The Canfigure Change Management Module comes with a pre-built set of Templates that implement a change process based on the ITIL standard. The workflow can be easily adapted to your existing process if required.

Canfigure comes with either an automatic or manual workflow option for defining changes. The manual option enables custom steps to be implemented with full control over review, approval and implementation of each Change.

Tasks can be triggered and assigned according to data entered on the change form, and may be dependent on other Tasks.

Full post implementation validation is supported, with entry of outcomes that are used in CAB dashboards and reports to continually improve the change process.

Users can interact with changes via e-mail, including approval/rejection, adding notes and attachments.

Notifications sent by Canfigure are fully customizable and can contain all documentation related to the change.

Changes can be linked to the affected configuration items or assets which provides a full change history.

Change Management Key Features

Emergency Changeswidth=40E-mail approvalwidth=40CAB Groups
width=40Multiple reviewerswidth=40Multiple approverswidth=40CAB Dashboards
width=40Task Workflowwidth=40Impact analysiswidth=40Attachments
width=40Post review validationwidth=40Implementation noteswidth=40Change history
width=40Full audit trailwidth=40RESTful APIwidth=40ITIL Compatible