CMDB Module

The Canfigure Configuration Management Database (CMDB) provides a central repository for capturing all of your IT asset data and relationships. Using the powerful query and reporting capabilities, the CMDB will tell you where an asset is, who is using it and what it relies on. With out-of-the-box support for all IT-related asset types, the CMDB can also be extended easily to capture for any other type of asset, referred to as a Configuration Item (CI).

Using built-in admin functions, you can build your own forms, menus and customize all aspects of the system. All data and relationships can be automated from external sources including Excel, CSV, Database, REST API and discovery via NMAP.

Full support for physical and virtual hardware, software, locations, networks, cabinets, databases and related documentation.

CMDB Key Features

Visual CI Relationshipswidth=40Custom CI Typeswidth=40Custom CI Fields
width=40Multi-tenancywidth=40REST APIwidth=40ITIL Compatible
width=40Do-it-yourself configwidth=40EXCEL & CSV Import/Exportwidth=40Role-based security
width=40Discovery with NMAPwidth=40Incident and Change historywidth=40Full audit trail
width=40Import automationwidth=40IP address allocationwidth=40External database connectivity