Intuitive, Customizable
Configuration Management

Accurately record and track all your IT assets in one place with Canfigure. Visualize dependencies including usage and location to pinpoint how and where an item is being used. Integrate assets into your existing processes to enhance your workflows.

Provide a Smart, Scalable, and Cost-Effective Configuration Management Solution

Custom Asset Types
Relationship Mapping
Single Source of Truth
System Documentation
Discovery Integration
Reduce IT Risk

Empower Your Team to Implement and Expand Functionalities

Encourage Self-Sufficiency
Utilize state-of the art tools necessary to customize the product skillfully in-house.

Ensure Traceability
Record and track all changes to assets, including software and hardware items with integrated change and incident management.

Enhance Efficiency
Define and customize workflows across teams and boost efficacy in your business processes.

“Knowledgeable and reliable company with excellent customer support. Always open for improvements or new ideas and turning these into actual tools in the system. I consider them to be very reliable suppliers. Very happy with their performance.”

Laura A.
Validation Team Leader

Manage Complex Environments Effectively

Define complex configurations, custom asset types and their attributes. Easily extend the CMDB to cater for unique data requirements and relationships. Integrate assets into workflows to improve your processes.

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