Intuitive, Customizable
Asset Management

Define, track, and manage assets seamlessly with Canfigure. Utilize built-in workflows for asset maintenance and inventory control to automate your processes.

Provide a Smart, Scalable, and Cost-Effective Asset Management Solution

Asset Management Menu
Process Automation
Preventive Maintenance
Inventory Control
Asset Tagging
System Integration
Audit Trail

Empower Your Team to Implement and Expand Functionalities

Encourage Self-Sufficiency
Utilize state-of the art tools necessary to customize the product skillfully in-house.

Ensure Traceability
Record and track all changes to assets, property, and plant, along with inventory, maintenance and more.

Enhance Efficiency
Define and customize workflows across teams and boost efficacy in your business processes.

“Canfigure is an effective solution with a strong support team. I highly recommend reviewing this solution for your business needs. My experience is that if the tool doesn’t immediately address your needs it can be configured to exceed your expectations.”

Perry S.
Sr. Program Manager

Initiate and Execute Asset Workflows Effectively

Track life-cycle of any asset type including custom fields, define maintenance schedules, execute workflows for asset maintenance processes.

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